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Mike Shady

Owner of Peak Performance Bowling



The Bowler’s Journal has named Mike as one of the Top 100 Coaches in the world the past ten years by Bowler’s Journal (2005-2015). He has used this knowledge and experience base to develop instructional techniques that have helped bowlers of all ages and abilities.  Mike is truly dedicated to the well-being and improvement of your bowling game.  Mike will help you understand the basic bowling swing fundamentals and components of proper technique.

In 1992 he won the Earl Anthony PBA Open in Dublin, California and has 4 additional PBA Regional Titles to his credit.  In 1991 he captured the World Invitational Championship, held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 
Other competitive feats include the 1985 National Collegiate Championship and was a three time All-American at the University of Nebraska in College Bowling.  In 2005 Mike captured the USBC All-Events Team Championship and most recently the 2011 USBC Team Championship. He has been coaching for over 25 years. 

Mike is also a member of the Ebonite Pro Advisory Staff and is USBC Silver Certified.