Your Best Teacher

Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Shot!


Win the Day,


Speak With Your Heart

Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice


It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder





Rearview vs Front Windshield

Keep Grinding


Rearview VS Windshield - which are you looking in today? No matter how tough it gets keep pressing!!!!



Maximize Your 86,400

Sweat Equity
When I coach/teach/speak to high/college athletes I tell them 20 years from now you’re not going to wish you would have spent more time on social media or played more Fortnite or partied more. 20 years from now you’ll wish you would have devoted yourself to being the best you can be.  
Remember, there is someone out there putting in the sweat equity right now trying to get better.  Are you better today than you were yesterday?
Win the Day,

Your Bowling Career's Success

The Formula for Bowling Success


Everyday your goal in this sport is to get 1% better than the previous day.  This could mean physically, mentally, your overall wellness, etc.  Are you better today than you were yesterday?  If yes, you have won the day.




Win the Day,




One of the MASSIVE benefits of Visualization:


The mind doesn't know the difference between physical & mental practice. Therefore, you can reinforce COUNTLESS Skills w/out even touching a ball. Think about that!!  Getting better without going to the bowling center.


Win the Day,


Work from the Inside Out

Inside Out


“If an egg is broken by outside force, life ends. If broken by inside force, life begins. Great things always begin from inside.” - Jim Kwik  u.1.chicken.jpg


Win the Day,



Dominate Your Time


T.I.M.E. I can SPEND my 86,400 seconds on Things I May Enjoy or I can INVEST in Things I Must Earn. You want to be a champion...INVEST

How are you using your 86,400 each day?

Are you Investing?


Win the Day,


The Four Pillars of a Peak Performance Mindset

Four Pillars for a Healthy Mindset


1. Life is never fair-some have better opportunities but make the most of yours


2. Life is Hard-No one said it is easy, but it is available


3. Give Your Full Effort Always - Nuff said


4. Don't chase Happy - Invest in Growth & Impact



Now Go Win the Day,


Be a Leader in our Sport

Are you part of the problem or the solution?


The energy you spend COMPLAINING can be spent CHANGING - Start realizing that what you are complaining about is nothing more than an opportunity to change but the change is with you, not the circumstance. 


Now Go Dominate the Opportunity and Win the Day!



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