Ask Yourself Tough Questions

Great bowlers DON'T question themselves, they ask themselves questions; one is a matter of doubting and the other discovery.  It is hard to dig into your own heart and discover what lurks beneath the surface.  Benjamin Franklin said, "There are three things extremely hard; steel, a diamond and to know one's self."  To truly know yourself requires asking the tough questions to discover why you do the things you do.  Self-examination is never found at bargain prices.  There is always a price to pay.


We will explore the questions in our next daily dominator...


Win the Day,


The Rules of Breathing

The Big 3: Nose + Belly + Exhale


Let's take a quick look at the THREE simple rules of optimal breathing?


Here they are:

1. Breathe through your nose
2. Into your belly
3. And exhale slightly longer than you inhaled

1 + 2 + 3 = Magic.


I teach all my players the 6-2-8 breathing system.  Inhale for a count of 6.  Make sure your belly blows up like a balloon.  Hold for a count of 2.  Exhale through your mouth or nose for a count of 8.  Do this as much as needed until you are PRESENT and relaxed.


Win the Day,



Being a ONE SHOT WARRIOR is about winning the day and making the most out of the opportunities that come your way.





Remembering September 11

We Shall Never Forget


More About Team Than You

I have tremendous passion in studying why TEAMS are successful in all sorts of sports and industries.  Even when some TEAMS have elite skills and abilities and never reach their potential while others with much less abilities reach higher success - that makes me look for the WHY?


This week's individual that stood out about TEAM is the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers.  I consider him the GOAT when it comes to the QB position.  Aaron went down early in the 1st game with a knee injury and later came back knowing it was more about the TEAM than him or his injury.  The rest is history.  One of the greatest TEAM comeback's in Packer's rich history.  Aaron displayed tremendous COURAGE!



Believe You Can



If you believe you can--- you are right...


If you believe you can not--- you are also right....


Win the Day,





Identify your Process and be GREAT at it...


Everything else is Secondary.


Everything else is Drama.




Win the Day!


Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a decision you make everyday when you get out of bed. Mental toughness is a lifestyle, not an event.



Win the Day!

Us Coaches



You have no idea how much you, motivate us coaches. On the surface, it may seem like the other way around, but your energy to play, enthusiasm to work, and attitude towards a common purpose are all what make us want to be better, to make YOU better.


Win the Day,


Peak Performance Bowling

Peak Performance Bowling means playing one shot at a time, shot-to-shot, with as much confidence as you can.

When you’re competing confidently, you trust yourself and let yourself perform.

Instead of trying hard, pressing, or thinking too much, you’re on autopilot.


Win the Day,


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