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Identify your Process and be GREAT at it...


Everything else is Secondary.


Everything else is Drama.




Win the Day!


Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a decision you make everyday when you get out of bed. Mental toughness is a lifestyle, not an event.



Win the Day!

Us Coaches



You have no idea how much you, motivate us coaches. On the surface, it may seem like the other way around, but your energy to play, enthusiasm to work, and attitude towards a common purpose are all what make us want to be better, to make YOU better.


Win the Day,


Peak Performance Bowling

Peak Performance Bowling means playing one shot at a time, shot-to-shot, with as much confidence as you can.

When you’re competing confidently, you trust yourself and let yourself perform.

Instead of trying hard, pressing, or thinking too much, you’re on autopilot.


Win the Day,


Teflon Memory

Nothing Sticks


In the sport of bowling, the great ones have what I call "Teflon Memory."  Teflon is a substance that nothing sticks too.  In bowling it is important to have the type of memory shot to shot that nothing "sticks" and is very short term.  This includes when things are going well and not so well.  Become a one shot warrior and forget about the past shot(s).


Start developing a TEFLON Mindset.  Don't allow past shots stick to the Present Shot.


Now Go Win the Day!



Inhale the future.



Exhale the past.

Practice Like a Champion

The good ones practice until they get it right, the great ones practice until they can’t get it wrong.




Win the Day,


Be Where Your Feet Are

Be Where Your Feet Are





No Go Win the Day,


MOOMBA Disease

My Only Obstacle May be Attitude


One of the best motivational speakers on the planet is Ed Agresta.  Ed talks often about the most deadly disease on the planet.


Moomba Disease.


Moomba stands for My Only Obstacle May be Attitude.


The attitude you take is a decision you make, and you must choose wisely.  Attitude is the strongest and weakest muscle in your body.  Like all other muscles, if you don't use it, you lose it.


You must do a little a lot, not a lot a little, and you must do strength training for you attitude. How?  By continuing to read books on the mindset, leadership, successful athletes, etc. and remembering that you have the personal power to choose your attitude each day.


How will others describe your attitude today?


Win the Day,


Daily-Confidence Conditioning

You will be where you are one year from now because of the books you read, the people you meet and the experience you have in this coming year.  


You can supercharge your progress by doing daily confidence conditioning.  Confidence conditioning issimply writing out who you are going to become, your new way of thinking and acting.  By simply writing that you currently are that way, you are turbocharging your subconscious mind to put you in that position so that you can experience success.


Examples of confidence conditioning statements are:


I live with discipline in all areas of my life.


I exercise each and every day; it fuels my energy tanks for success.


I have a Do It Now mentality and invest my time into getting things down effectively and efficiently.


When writing your confidence conditioning statments, please write them in the PRESENT MOMENT as if they are happening now.


Please write one confidence conditioning statment below and then start each day with writing all of your statements in your notes app on your iPhone or a journal.


1. __________________________________________________________________


Win the Day,


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