Keep Learning & Growing

Timeless Wisdom


Author Chip Conley makes an essential distinction between the term elderly  — years lived on the planet — and the term elder — what one has done with those years. The former is a classification that is often imposed by external societal values. The latter is our responsibility as we gracefully age. Conley believes every day we must:

  1. Evolve. Reframe the value of your skills and experience, and always re-invent yourself with new ideas. Have passion for growth.

  2. Learn. Adopt a beginner's mind. Study one thing that you wish you knew. Then become an expert on that subject. Become a "Jeopardy" worthy contestant. 

  3. Collaborate. Your wisdom needs to be shared. Age does not mean seniority. Be willing to use your knowledge to help others and always ask for help to learn. Don't fall into the trap of I don't like new technology  — embrace the new (example:  Two handers)

  4. Counsel/Mentor. Help others. Learn from younger generations, and use their knowledge to grow and discover the outer depths of who you are.  

Remember, age is mathematics. It is just arithmetic.  No matter your age, we each have twenty-four hours each day to engage in bowling, work, family and community that matters while serving others. We must live immediately and not squander the remaining moments we have left. Keep Learning and Growing!


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