Clark Kent to Superman

 Clark Kent to Superman


When do you transition from a student, employee, parent, etc. and become a bowler/athlete?  Just like Clark Kent went into the phone booth as a newspaper reporter and came out as Superman, you want a routine like Clark Kent that turns you from your daily occupation into the player/athlete that will get you ready to compete.


One of the most important mind set principles that I teach to my players is the change from your street clothes into your practice or tournament uniform.  There must be a time prior to practice and/or your competition that you transition into a bowler.  This Clark Kent-Superman routine that you develop and go through allows your mindset to shift from student/employee/parent to athlete so that you can be more present and separate the pressure of being a student/employee/parent to the pleasure of being a bowler.  It also shifts your mindset into a Green Light that says “GO” – it’s time to compete!


Find a time and place that is consistent (routine) that allows you to transition into a bowler.  Some of my players make the transition at home, hotel or bowling center.  Make sure the place is consistent and it is unique to you.  Also make sure you determine a part of your uniform that finalizes the Kent Clark to Superman transition.  Some players make the transition as soon as the bowling shirt is put on; some make the change when they put on the bowling shoes and lace them up.  I personally use the bowling center for practice or the tournament.  As soon as I lace up my shoes, my transition from Clark Kent to Superman has been executed.  It's time to compete.  This transition allows a player to leave the stress of work and school, the issues with your relationships and the drama of life in the home, hotel, etc.   As you transition from Clark Kent into a Superman bowler, it gives you permission to be present and free to compete and bowl.