Good vs Great

Good vs Great


I have been asked a lot in my career on what makes the difference between Good and Great.  It is a simple response:  CONSISTENCY.  Consistency is the significant difference between the good and the great players in bowling.  Those that compete at the highest level on a consistent basis are the legendary and iconic figures in our sport like Earl Anthony, Dick Weber, Don Carter, Walter Ray Williams Jr., Pete Weber, Norm Duke, Chris Barnes, etc.  Day in and day out these players produce with the same level of effectiveness and proficiency on and off the lanes. 


Consistency is crucial to performing at the highest level.  This begins with your work ethic, as you have the burning desire to compete and win each shot so that you will do the things necessary to put yourself in a position to succeed.   I tell my students to strive for consistency, not to worry about the results.  If you focus on outcomes you get locked into short term mindsets; if you focus on consistency, the outcomes will take care of themselves.  A consistent focus on the process and executing with a one shot at a time mentality will give you the best chance to succeed.


Many bowlers have the physical prowess necessary to compete and perform at the highest level once in a while, but it is the one-shot warrior who stands out among everyone else.  This is the player who brings his/her best every time he/she steps up on the approach to make a shot.  This is the player who will have the greatest impact on his/her team, tournament and will ultimately have the greatest career.


So what is the key ingredient for being consistent?  Routines are the vital component for consistency.  The great players in our sport are the players who have developed hall of fame routines.  The routines never change day to day.  They have the same routine in wellness (eating, working out, sleep, meditation, etc.), practice, competition, tournament preparation, etc.  The purpose of these routines is to build more trust and consistency in performance.  The secrets of these hall of fame careers are hidden in their daily routines.


Do you have daily routines built into your game?  Routines = Consistency = Greatness.