The Granddaddy of Drills - ONE STEP DRILL

One Step Drill


I am amazed at how many different parts of the body are in motion and enabled from the setup to the finish of a bowler.  It's amazing bowlers can repeat as much as they do with so much going on from start to finish.  Because of this complexity and movement of so many body parts developing a physical deficiency into proficiency is very difficult.  This is why it is so important to break the physical game into small components and develop technique through drills.  There are many different drills that evolve players but which one would be considered the "golden drill" for benefit and grow the most.  


The One-Step drill is the Granddaddy of all drills.  It has always been my favorite as a player and coach.  I still use it when preparing for a tournament in each practice session.  In fact, I will use 25-50% of my practice session executing One-Step drills.  I have always pointed at the One-Step drill as the reason I had 20 consecutive years of shooting 1900 or better in all-events at the USBC National Tournament.


Why do I think the One-Step is so important for growth?  The One-Step allows the player to work on all areas of the physical game from the setup to the finish.  The highlight of the drill is the ability to slow down the fast moving parts into one step.  Bowlers can work on their pushaway, developing different pushaway zones, developing repeatable and free swings, lower and upper body angles, hip and shoulder seperation, release, center of gravity of lower body, etc.  There is no other drill in our sport that can address the physical game from start to finish like a One-Step drill.  When I bowled for Coach Straub at the University of Nebraska, one hour or more of our practice would be One-Step drills.  Specific techniques were being developed by executing the One-Step drill.


The important thing is that you are integrating the One-Step into your practice.  If you want to development peak performance technique, One-Step drills are essential.  There are many different videos online that display proper form and technique for a One-Step drill.


Keep growing, learning and serving our sport!


Win the Day,