The Breath - Meditation


Science is starting to show that meditation is becoming a main pillar in peak performance.  I recently started meditating with an App called Headspace.  I am amazed at the benefits that it provides on a daily basis.  The main pillar of any mental conditioning program is the breath.  Meditation is all about the breath.  It is conditioning the mind and body connection based soley on the breath.  Every coach needs to start researching meditation because of its benefits.


Some benefits for bowlers include:


1. It helps you focus.  The breath keeps you present because it is always present.  When you breathe, you are present with the breath.  The mind gets back to the present moment avoiding the past and/or future shot.


2.  It helps you deal with fear.  Scientific evidence has shown that meditation calms that part of the brain allowing the bowler to compete with confidence.


3.  Strengthens the immune system.  Studies have shown that meditation strengthens the immune system resulting in a player being more healthy throughout the season.


4.  It helps you become resilient.  Meditation allows a player to stay confident and in the "green light."  Negative thoughts can derail a bowler quickly in competition.  


5.  Reduces stress.   Meditation reduces daily stress that comes with the world we live in.  


6.  Increases quality of sleep.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, sleep is becoming one of the most important components in performance consistency and performing at a peak level.


There are many more benefits to meditation than what I listed here.  Take a look at Headspace or some of the other products available to meditate.  I am amazed at the positive effects of meditation.  I have been advising all my students to start meditating.


Win the Day,