100 Seconds Per Day

Daily Mental Training


A great book to read is called Organize Tomorrow Today by Jason Selk.  Jason is one of the world’s leading peak performance and mental toughness coaches.  He won a World Series ring as the director of mental training for the St. Louis Cardinals.   He tells us that our MIND needs to be trained just like our bodies.  And, just as our physical fitness begins to deteriorate within 72 hours of our last workout, so does our mental toughness.  He strongly urges athletes never to miss more than two days of training our bodies or minds.  He offers a powerful five – step, 100 – second mental toughness workout:


1.  Take a nice, deep breath.  In for 6.  Hold for 2. Out for 7 or 8.  A strong mind is a calm mind and there’s no better way to calm down than through a deep breath like this.  The breath is the most important part of mind set training.


2.  Silently say to yourself (self-talk) an identity statement.  A bowler’s example would be: “I am more mentally and physically prepared than my competition.  I am a dominant professional bowler.”


3.  Walk through your personal highlight reel.  Quickly replay three things that were awesome over the last 24 hours and/or career and see three things that will be awesome over the next 24 hours (do this in about 30 seconds total). This is mental recall and mental rehearsal.


4.  Repeat #2 above – the identity statement.


5.  Take another deep breath (6-2-8).  You are now finished and mentally tougher.  Do this exercise every single day and you’ll be way tougher mentally and your performance will improve.


Win the Day,

Coach Shady