Hit that Rock

Keep Swinging


One of the hardest things to do is to show up everyday to work the process over and over and over.  Most athletes want to see results instantly and just don't put in the daily grind to reach their potential.  I have always told my bowlers:  "the start is what stops most of us."  


You have to do the work.  Imagine a guy banging away at a huge rock with a sledgehammer.  He pounds and pounds and pounds at that rock with his sledgehammer again and again and again.  And absolutely nothing happens.  Just a big rock.  And a sweaty sledgehammer guy.  Then, apparently out of nowhere, on the next strike the rocks splits in half.  Bingo!  Now, if you happened to be walking by that guy right when he made the swing that cracked open the rock you might think that:  1.  that guy was incredibly strong and/or 2. splitting rocks in half is easy.  But you missed all the hard work and effort that went into splitting that rock.  Meaning of the story - You MUST show up and hit the rock - every day! You must show up for training every day, turn off the entertainment at night, eat properly, sleep, etc.  Over and over again....  


We need to know, like the rock splitter, that showing up everyday and working hard, something good will happen with us in our bowling.  Every great player that I competed with and against all had the same characteristic:  they were a rock splitter.  They kept showing up every day.


How can you take another swing at that rock today?  Enjoy the process....  You're getting closer on every swing to split that rock.


Win the Day,