Royal H. Burpee

Bowling's Physical Fitness Secret Movement


One of the best moves an athlete/bowler can perform each day is a burpee.  The burpee was named after a guy named Royal H. Burpee.  Has was an American physiologist in the 1930s.  He came up with the movement that now bears his name.  A burpee is a high intensity jumping jack and push-up.  I think it provides more benefit to a bowler’s physical condition than any other single movement.  They are so good that even our Navy Seals do them daily because of the benefit.  It works both the upper body and lower body in one movement.  Both of these muscle groups are “fired upon” in the movements throughout the approach.  It provides strength to both upper and lower body.  The neat thing about a burpee is you can do them anytime and at anyplace. 


How to do a burpee?  Beginning from a standing position, drop into a squat until your hands are actually touching the ground.  Without hesitation, kick your legs back to assume the up position of the pushup; do a pushup; and again without hesitation, draw your legs back into a lower squat position before standing up to starting position.  From there, drop into another rep.  There are many videos on Youtube that show proper technique.  If you’ve never tried them before, start with a step-back modified version to get your body used to doing them and learn to love them!   Start with one and add one per day and before long you’ll be cranking out a 100 per day!


Are you ready to perform at your peak level?  Start showing your respect to Mr. Royal H. Burpee.  He’ll provide you with strength, increased wellness and peak performance on the lanes.


Win the Day,