Do You Have a Target To Hit?

Bullseye - u.1.bullseye.png


Moving from goal setting to goal getting is about locking in on your target and shrinking your focus.  One of the best archers in the world was Ryan Cameron.


Cameron could split Life Savers from 50 yards away and then split the first arrow with his second shot.  However, if we were to blindfold and point Cameron in the opposite direction of the target, you would come closer to hitting the bull’s-eye than he could, even with all of his years of training and preparation.


You would come closer to hitting the bull’s-eye because you could see it and Cameron could not.  In order to hit your target, you must be clear on what you want to accomplish. If you aren’t crystal clear on your goals, you may find yourself hiking up the wrong mountain.


What do you want to accomplish for this bowling season?


Keys to Developing Goals


1. Be Specific - more specific a goal, the more powerful it is.


2. Write It Down - give your subconscious mind something to work with a plan that is written out.


3. Make Them Measurable - "I will make 90% of my single pin spares." "I will develop and commit to my pre-shot routine." "I will develop different ball motion tools."


4. Make Them Attainable - must be realistic and achievable.


5. Using Goals Properly - use them daily, make them part of your routine, read them a minimum of twice a day (each morning and evening)


“If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it everytime.” - Zig Ziglar


Win the Day,