The Perfect Team Player

March Madness


One of the most exciting times of each calendar year is NCAA's March Madness.  The love the game of basketball.  I played it in high school, have coached it in middle school and my family watches many high school, college and NBA games together.  I think the reason I enjoy it so much is the TEAM element in basketball.  While coaching basketball it was easy to compete against teams that were much more individual than team oriented.  I could put a couple of my best defenders on the "star" players, face guard them, and usually have success.  The TEAM focused programs were very difficult to beat because of a TEAM culture.  Since we are in March and only a week from March Madness I started thinking what makes a great TEAM player in our sport.


Characteristics of the Perfect TEAM Player


Mudita - This is the player who gets more excited for his teammates success than his success.  This player is all about the success of the TEAM.  He is the first player to congratulate teammates. He has geniune joy for his teammates success.  Mudita!


"So What, Next Shot" - this player lives in the present moment.  He doesn't reflect on the past and is never looking ahead.  He knows the present moment is the only controllable and competes in that moment.  This player "flushes" all bad shots and never focuses on the score.  "So What, Next Shot"


Coachable - This player listens and is coachable and respects his coaches.  He has a growth mindset and maximizes his 86,400!


Leader - This player leads by example.  He models morality, ethics and character.  He helps other players and serves his team and community.


Passion - This player loves the game of bowling.  He loves to practice as much as compete.  He gives back to the sport in many different ways so the sport continues to grow. 


Humility - This player is always humble in both success and failure.  He gives credit to his teammates, coaches and most importantly the Heavenly Father.


These are some of the great qualities that would make up the perfect team player in our sport.  Players - do you mirror these qualities?  Coaches - are you developing these types of life skills for your players?


Win the Day,