Read and Grow

I would like to challenge players and coaches to develop a growth mindset by reading.  It will transform the way you lead and perform.  Coaches, I believe the best leaders are voracious readers and model the behaviors learned in many of these books.  The most powerful book not listed here is the Bible, which I believe is the foundation from which all other wisdom flows.  Here are some recommended reads....  


Burn Your Goals (Joshua Medcalf) - discusses the practice of focusing your energies on the process and transforming from the inside out.  One of my favorites of all time!


The Only Way to Win (Jim Loehr) - discusses the difference between being transactional (results, outcomes, unethical, lack of morality) vs transformational (morality, serving, purpose, focusing on controllables, etc).  This book will transform your life as a person.  


Mindset (Dr. Dweck) - discusses the growth mindset.  We must keep learing if we want to grow as an athlete, leader and person.  You either have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.  Read, learn and apply...  Tremendous book!


Insideout Coaching (Joe Ehrmann) - discusses how to coach starting from the heart.  Building boys into men by teaching them that winning is more about transforming the lives of others rather than the score.  I started a book study with this one with other coaches in my community.  Powerful book!


More Than A Carpenter (Josh McDowell) - discussed the life of the most important human to ever walk the earth - Jesus.  Discusses the evidence that he was the Messiah.  There is more documentation and proof that he was the Messiah than Abraham Lincoln was the President of the United States.  My favorite!


I will share more in future blogs.  Enjoy the read....


Win the Day,